Alicia M. Lopez, LLC
Attorney at Law & Certified Circuit Court Mediator
Alicia M. Lopez, Esquire
Alicia M. Lopez, a native of Tampa, Florida, has been practicing law in the Tampa area since 1998.  Ms. Lopez has represented clients in state courts, federal courts, and appellate courts throughout Florida.  Ms. Lopez has represented individuals and companies, as both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in civil litigation and pre-litigation matters.

Mediation ~ Ms. Lopez' experience assisting clients on both sides of the table led her to become certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Mediator in order to assist parties in amicably resolving their disputes. Ms. Lopez has represented clients on both sides of disputes through trial and appeal; this experience gives her invaluable insight into the points of view of all parties involved in a conflict and the ability to use that insight to bring the parties together to resolve their dispute.  Ms. Lopez understands the value to all parties involved in a dispute of amicably settling their case to avoid the cost of litigation and trial.

Ms. Lopez is fluent in Spanish and is able to communicate directly with Spanish speaking parties at mediation. This is an invaluable resource in bringing parties together by eliminating the language barrier and making everyone involved more comfortable and confident in the mediation process.

Litigation ~ Ms. Lopez is an experienced litigator who is prepared to advocate on behalf of clients in a variety of civil litigation matters.  Ms. Lopez has focused her law practice primarily on insurance disputes representing individuals and businesses in both residential and commercial property loss claims.  Ms. Lopez has also represented insurance carriers in a wide variety of first and third party claims including liability claims, property claims, coverage disputes, bad faith claims and claims involving fraud.

In addition to insurance claims, Ms. Lopez devotes her practice to a variety of civil litigation matters including landlord tenant disputes, homeowners' association disputes, business disputes and matters related to real property.